Vision and Mission


The Institute aims to provide the best infrastructure and amenities to the students. The institute envisions being one of the best technical institutes in South-East Asia. The Institute aims to attract students from the neighbouring South-East Asian countries in view of the Look-East Policy of the Government of India. The Institute strongly believes that the success of an Institute lies in the faculty and will leave no stone unturned to attract the best faculty available in the country.



The Institute being accorded the status of "An Institute of National Importance" aspires to be a knowledge hub for the region. The Institute through its academic and research activities would act as incubation center for aspiring "technopreneurs". The Institute provides an ideal platform for national integration through emotional integration as half the students are from outside the state. It envisions being an institute producing human resource of the world class standard who will contribute significantly in the well being of mankind.



To nurture and develop talented young minds, encouraging creativity with academic excellence.
To provide a platform to young entrepreneurs and technocrats to experiment their dreams and aspirations.
To encourage faculty and students to conduct research of international standard.
To produce students fulfilling the employability criteria of MNCs.
To set up Laboratories with latest equipment and other facilities.
To set up international standard infrastructure for extra curriculum activities.

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