The Central Library, one of the important central facilities of the Institute, currently has 24,444 volumes, including textbooks, reference books, back volumes, standards, and non-book material such as CD-ROMs.The Central Library at the NIT Manipur is privileged to support the institute’s march towards its vision – " To develop the institute into the systematic leader and pivot for excellence in technical education sector and catalyzing absorption, innovation, diffusion and transfer of high technology for improved productivity, quality of life and improved empowerment thereby effecting regional growth."


The institute library has the following facilities:- :-


  • Lending section
  • Reading room
  • Reference section
  • Stock room containing more than 10,000 books
  • E-Journals and e-books
  • Digital System

Total No. of Books 24,444
Total No. of Journals 81
Google Scholar
conferences 36
CD-ROMs 650(approx.)
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