Academic Session 

January 2020 



  • Registration Date: 2nd to 8th January, 2020


Admission procedure for January 2020 

1) Collect the

(i) Registration Form

(ii) Bank Challan from the Admission counter- Mr. Somokanta or Mr. Binoi Ngangom

2) Get the Registration Form duly signed by Department co-ordinator or HOD.

3) Pay the admission and hostel fees in (i) by DD, at the bank counter of Bank of Baroda, NIT Manipur Campus or (ii) ONLINE (click here). Fees details, Click Here . 

4) Submit the

    (i) Bank Challan (Paid) to Account Section and get signature to the "Registration form" with the   latest colour passport

   (ii) Submit the Registration form to Admission counter- Mr. Somokanta or Mr. Binoi Ngangom


Registration & Admission Over 




1. Defaulter student who did not pay the admission & hostel fees for the previous semester (list available with admission co-ordinator) will be allowed to do the registration only after clearance of all the dues.


Dr.P. Albino Kumar 

Dean Academics

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