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National Institute of Technology Manipur


With the aim of catering to the need of the nation in the field of technological advancement, the Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2013. Our department is committed to the development of humankind through scientific and intellectual knowledge. Through reformist mixing of various culture, race and ethnicity, we seek to develop a state of art learning environment for our Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD scholars. We enjoy the company of highly qualified faculties and state of the art laboratories to foster the need of 100 B. Tech Students, 31 M. Tech. Scholars and 18 PhD researchers. Several government agencies have sponsored various projects at our department enhancing the academic and research capabilities of our associates. Over the years we have developed a world-class infrastructure for the study of Thermal Fluid Science, Manufacturing Science, and Design Engineering. We warmly invite any query and thank you for visiting us.




News & Announcement

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