Welcome to Department of Electronics And Communication Engineering @ NIT, Manipur



About ECE

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2010. It is a full-fledged academic department for emerging ECE engineers. The Department provides outstanding teaching and research environment.The syllabi of the courses are continuously updated and the laboratories modernized to reflect the rapid changes in technology. The Department has simulation software and laboratories. The Department has an objective to produce quality engineers to meet the ever growing demand for technical manpower in the communication technology and in the industrial arena. 



To be recognized by offering quality technical education and to stay in tune with current technological advancements in the field of Engineering to cater industry needs through advanced research.



  • To adopt the new educational methods to improve teaching process continuously and best infrastructure.

  • To create passion among stakeholders to enable them to solve real environment and complex technological problems with society.

  • To facilitate students towards a successful career in industry, research or entrepreneurship through various courses in area such as VLSI and Embedded.

  • To promote the establishment of centres of excellence in niche technology areas by collaborating industries to nurture the spirit of innovation and creativity among professionals.

  • To establish a unique learning environment to provide state of the art facilities for learning and practicing.


Academic Programs

The Department offers admission to 4 years B.Tech. course with an intake of 30 students likely to be increased to 60 from 2015 onwards, 2 years M.Tech course in VLSI Design and Embedded System and PhD Programme.


Name of the Program Year of Starting Specialisation
B.Tech 2010 Electronics and Communication Engg
M.Tech 2014 VLSI Design and Embedded System
Ph.D. 2012 -


News & Announcement

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